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The Well is a student run events hang out hub.  We are currently building our team of students to oversee the success.

We are looking for a student to lead the pac, a self starter who is creative and can manage events including Youtube interviews, artist exposure including open mic nights, authors and book signings, and a multitude of other events to promote high school and college level students. This individual must be able to manage and lead a staff including immaculate communication skills, problem solving and multitasking. This person must have a track record to show he/she can manage people and time successfully. We will be building a team of dynamic, passionate, and talented individuals together. Send a resume, cover letter (or video) to introduce yourself. References a must.


We all seek wisdom.  I have many people in my own life that I ask for guidance on a regular basis.  It can simply be an ear to listen and to help me unscramble my thoughts, or it can be wise counsel.  Do you recognize your greatest potential? 

Are you in a place in your life where you need encouragement to leap to new levels?  Let me spend some time with you creating, growing, or re-inventing your goals and relationships.  Sessions can be in person or virtual (determined by current Covid-19 protocols).  You can impact your entire generation. You can be a world changer. You can be a hero.  
You are free to be

;) Missy