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So, there I was in the middle of no-where in the country of Nicaragua. Season 29 of the hit reality TV show, “Survivor”, landed me on that remote island with unbelievable daily challenges (and I don’t mean “immunity” challenges).  How could I possibly make it to each day’s sunset without compromising my dignity, integrity, honesty and loyalty surrounded by strangers filled with envy, spite, and lies?   Each castaway arrives with their own pre-conceived ideas and a million-dollar prize at stake.  But, as the days pass and the more hungry, tired and dirty you get, your true colors bleed through.  It’s impossible to expect players to be on their best behavior – as the viewer forgets – we are all human beings.   
During my seven-week adventure, away from home and without contact to any family member, my perception of who I was definitely shifted.

Because, if you let an experience alter your life, it will. 

Long before I played the game of Survivor, I was living it out in my daily life. I was the driver in a serious teen car accident. I've had a business yanked out from underneath me.  I've been divorced. I've been a single mom. I've been rich, poor, and broken hearted!  But, it is an interesting phenomenon when we serve others, how quickly we can forget our biggest problems and gain such reward witnessing gratitude from those we support.  I might’ve been experiencing internal crisis but people were counting on me, and I had to deliver.   

My Survivor – the show - experience was similar.  It developed more strength than I knew I had. It opened my eyes to see that the world can make you believe make believe things. The human mind is quite amazing, able to be manipulated to change our thoughts and beliefs in a split second.  It was a daily feat not to allow this mind-altering experience to have an effect on me.  I was certainly being pushed and prodded to play the game as a backstabber, kicking and punching. But, acting like a fool, wasn’t worth helping to raise a network’s rating point, or even a million bucks.  

My #1 hope is that I can help you gain a new perspective: 

about yourself; 

about your family & friends; 

about co-worker’s lives. 

And, that you will choose a journey that could positively affect change… 


It doesn’t take 39 days in the Jungle to shift your perspective, y'all!   I am a teacher and coach, founded the non-profit organization Cheer 4 Your Life.  I am an author, a passionate motivational speaker

all because I believe I can!

This site is central headquarters to multiple things that all support each other. If you dig deep, I imagine you'll find an appropriate fit.
Please share your amazing life with me.

Have the courage to share your own Survivor story! 

:) Missy