BE INSPIRED                 BE EMPOWERED                 BE YOU 

  1. Register here for the season.
  2. Do the challenges! (See the video below for specifics.)
  3. Film a short clip for verification (Make certain it shows you doing the challenge, not just speaking about it.)
  4. Post your clip on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and hashtag #invisible7, as well as hashtag the specific word.               ​#SC7(the word)
  5. For 5 bonus points, Upload your video here!
  6. Winners will be notified via email and posted on our social media channels!



October 28th: State Fair of Louisiana EQUALITY

November 12th: Fall Classic UNT

December 9th-10th: Christmas Classic                  Dallas Convention Center

December 17th: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

January 14th: Grand Nationals Garland, Tx

January 27th: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Nationals

February 17th-18th: CGA Nationals 

March 4th: Dallas Mavericks Championship

March 24th-25th: the Crown Jubilee

March 31st: Cowboy Classic 

2017-18 Partnership


  Teachers, Coaches, Parents who want to see positive change

in your teen...

get your copy of

the Invisible 7, here!

  Spirit Celebration is partnering this season with Missy Payne and adopting the Invisible 7 
– an awesome leadership program!  Funny fact:  Missy is a former cheerleading gym 
owner, coach, judge and choreographer!  This workbook focuses on 7 character qualities 
(which were the outcome of each daily challenge from her experience on Survivor!)

                                                         At each SC competition, competitors are given a token of honor for their hard work, individual determination, and for their team success.  Each token has a word on it (adopted from The Invisible 7), which we all carry inside us.  This token is as common as a freckle, but how you use it - is what is unique and individual.  We are asking you to use it to better the planet!  So, when you attach the token to your jacket or backpack or wherever… 

          you represent

               Spirit Celebration,

                  The Invisible 7

                        and most importantly - SERVICE.

Missy has created challenges for each token word for you to take your

new pride in service one step further….
take the leap with her and all the other kids who are currently involved in this project.  
Are you ready?  for the challenge?  It’s a race…. a competition - of course… and if you follow the instructions

you WIN reward!