get on board

BE INSPIRED                 BE EMPOWERED                 BE YOU 


"You have a gift in teaching and getting in front of people

and speaking what you have to say and what's on your mind.  

Not a lot of people can do that."

~ Luc P., DLS Jr

"Missy is a fireball and is very creative. She has a passion for helping young people achieve success and has a very unique way of doing it.  She is a Survivor finalist and uses that platform to make an impact."

~ Russell Lake, Seed Studios

"Missy incurred a Level III ankle sprain in a late-season Reward Challenge. She resisted Jeff Probst's insinuations that she might want to leave the game and plowed ahead despite considerable pain (and no drugs). Her perseverance paid off, getting her to the final three where she ended up coming in third place."

~ Cynthia Smoot, Oh So Cynthia

"I love hearing about your personal stories about real life."

~ Ann, DLS 10th grade