BE INSPIRED                 BE EMPOWERED                 BE YOU 

Skills Include

Water Skiing

Video editing

Cheerleading Coach


Can pull a trailer

Cleaner (of anything)

Boat Driver

Event planner


​Great listener




I was told recently that I could be "subbed for an energy pill".  I like to describe it a little differently... I'm passionate, driven, an overachiever, and I don't quit.  Okay fine, that might translate as energetic.  I just dream big, and am never afraid of change.  Besides, I've had multiple course corrections (not fails) which to those who have witnessed can tell you I usually turn out just fine.  I would love to be a part of your dream team.  I've got a diverse resume from singing in a band, to fundraising,  to running a cheerleading gym.  Funny fact: I was never a cheerleader!

  ; ) Missy Payne

YOu might want to know...

If you want to be inspired, motivated, or just smile... invite  Missy to your house.  She is in the public eye in various capacities.  

She juggles a busy schedule with ease.  Her appearances include:

  • Emcee: Crazy Pants Summer Fashion show
  • Regular Guest: GoodDay Fox 
  • Contributor:  Radio shows (Scott Murray-KLIF, Jody Dean-KLUV, Tanner Kloven-KVIL)
  • "Survivor” Meet & Greets with Q &A
  • Speaker at schools nationwide
  • Corporate & Teen workshop Facilitator
  • Individual and Small Group mentoring

She can capture any audience with her humble ability to “tell”

on herself.  Usually, she will share behind the scenes stories of Survivor and the correlation to her every day life.  But, always, the underlying message, presented differently for every age group, consists of the same 3 points:    

Some Speaking Topics:

"The Invisible 7"
 “How to Succeed by Serving Others”
 “Be Kind. Rewind."
 “Affecting Effective Lives"

A portion of compensation for Missy's appearances is

donated to Cheer 4 Your Life 501(c)3.