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The Warriors 2x2 Project

I originally started 2x2 as an experiment to see if teens would be willing to help fundraise in a unique character building program.  It skyrocketed with interested participants who completed tasks out of their comfort zone to raise money for the 501(c)3.   Interestingly enough, their own lives have been changed along the journey to help. 

; ) Missy Payne 


Hi Y'all, I'm Missy.  I wear many hats, which hopefully you will fit into at least one of them!  This site is central headquarters to multiple things that all support each other.  If you dig deep, I imagine you'll find an appropriate fit.  

Your video footage doing some challenges, your fantastic photos, your stories, and your quotes are important contributions to making this site a collaboration of awesomeness.  Please share your amazing life with me.


It would be impossible to list all the incredible benefits of giving to others, so I started with just seven in my book called "The Invisible 7"!  It's an interactive workbook with the footprint of the Warriors project throughout.  It's an opportunity to serve others in a way that doesn't create exhaustion.

Well... there's a possibility that some of the challenges will be physically tiring, but the benefits outweigh the work.  If you don't believe me, buy the book and let me know your outcome.


I was on season 29 of Survivor in Nicaragua San Juan Del Sur (Blood vs. Water 2). I came skidding across the finish line claiming 3rd place with a cast on my leg. 


​After I returned from that island of Nicaragua, I started a non-profit to give scholarships to teens who needed help paying for extracurricular activities.  In it's 3+ years of existence, we've been able to support around 12 teenagers every year, with an average of $3000 in funding to each of them.